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Family & Sports Health

Dr. Dominique M. Scott

Chiropractor ~ Manhattan Beach, CA

~ over 18 years in practice and over 40 years of family experience

(310) 376- LIFE (5433)


Dr. Scott has developed, utilizes and prescribes a variety of tailored self-care protocols. Many of these protocols incoroporate some of his favorite products that he has discovered in the last 20 years of study and practice in health and performance. 

Please contact the clinic directly for information regarding products and ordering. We will be happy to assist you.

His most common and most enjoyed products and protocols are:

ankle and core stability training

portable seated core engagement

"The stick", its like a muscle rolling-pin, yet used correctly it can substantially support recovery and performance

Spinal remodeling/posture improvments/undoing effects of sitting: These products and protocols support adjustment effectiveness and help the person "hold" their adjustment improvements longer... and so much more health benefit.

STANDARD PROCESS whole-food nutrition: The best we know of... we have used it for decades, and have remarkable health improvments with our clients who use it. It is a doctors-only line which has hundreds of products so as to specifically support certain organs and systems and/or conditions the body i sgoing through. For help here we would start with a Health History form and Nutritional Profile (called a symptom survey), once completed they will be reviewed by Dr. Scott and we have a consultation with you on findings and options. If you choose to follow a Standard Process protocol our office places the order for you to either be shipped directly to you, are if you can pick it up at our office there is a $13 discount.


Please contact the clinic directly for information regarding ordering. We will be happy to assist you.