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Every week, Dr. Dominique and Dr. Donna Scott join forces to bring you the latest in Chiropractic wellness information that can benefit your entire family. Feel free to browse the different topics and stay updated with our newest articles. Check back often, as we will be updating frequently!

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Chiropractic and the immune system

When the so-called Cold and Flu season arrive, will you be ready?  Well, what does that take? Fortunatley, built into our amazing human body is an immense amount of programming for the purpose of defending us and healing us from disease (and injury). So to be properly "ready" for what our body will encounter in any season we should provide the conditions to our body to do its best job with its built-in immune system. Since the immune system's action to take care of us is the product of many organs, glands and systems working together on the common goal of our immune strength, there is obviously a large job for our brain and system of nerves to orchestrate. This is where too few people know of the chiropractic-advantage for a strong immune system.

Medical researchers have found a link between the body’s central nervous system and the immune system. For doctors of chiropractic, this is not new news. Chiropractic researchers discovered this link back in 1918 when the Spanish Flu was sweeping across the country, bringing with it wide spread death. It was found that the rate of chiropractic patients that got the flu was less than half that of non-chiropractic patients.  (Rhodes WR: “The Official History of Chiropractic in Texas.” Texas Chiropractic Association. Austin, TX. 1978.)

The findings indicate that chiropractic adjustment, also known as sympathetic (nerve) activity, stimulates the release immune regulatory cells into the blood system, which increases the body’s defense to the flu and other illnesses. The sympathetic nervous system plays a large role in regulating the immune function, and those who receive chiropractic care are therefore better equipped to fight off illness and disease as a result.

Long before we are at the point of feeling ill from seasonal "bugs" or other challenges, the body and our immune system is on the job. Our immune system is protecting and healing areas of our body basically everyday, all subject to how efficient the nerve system can carry out its many jobs for our immunity. Therefore, chiropractic wellness visits can assist you with maintaining a healthy immune system. Chiropractic adjustments restore the balance of your nervous system, which is responsible for all the functions in the body.

Chiropractic care also repeatedly shows improvement for those suffering with asthma, ear infections, digestive issues, stress and depression and many other challenges to health. Too few people know how substantial a step toward uncovering their best health chiropractic can be.

If you desire to improve your lifestyle in an effort to restore your immune system, then adding chiropractic care is a most valuable step toward your success. Along with a good diet, exercise, and getting plenty of rest, chiropractic care will be instrumental in creating a healthier you. As a matter of fact, most chiropractors have in depth study and applications in nutrition and exercise. If you are not sure where to begin, your chiropractor can guide you in a begining a wellness program designed to increase the effectiveness of your immune system and general health overall.

Before you fall into pills, potions and shots in an attempt to deal with the flu or other illness, consider working with a knowledgable and skilled chiropractor on building up and maximizing the awesome health strengths right inside you. What you will get in return will be a well equipped immune system, a body that functions with its best efficiency and your best natural ability to encounter and overcome what ever immune battle must come your way each season.

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